Monday, December 10, 2012

Joseph Calata: Positive on Planned Reforms in the Capital Market

The Calata Corporation recently underwent rumors of a probe against the firm due to the stock manipulation of its shares. Early this year, the Calata Corporation reached a market cap of 4 billion pesos with their astounding shares that reached 24 pesos per share. However, within the trade, the shares fluctuated and declined to as low as 32 percent, which caused the allegations of a stock manipulation in the company.

This alarmed the 31-year old CEO and chairman of the corporation, Joseph Calata, who immediately contacted the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the weird movements in the firm’s shares. Calata defended his company stating that they are not the ones under investigation but the traders of the company.

After four months of investigation, SEC cleared Calata’s statement that Calata Corp has no involvement in the allegations and in fact was never under investigation. SEC was also able to determine who the stock manipulators were and reportedly imposed fines on several stock brokers.

The SEC probe proved that our decision to seek the help of the regulators was both wise and right.
- Says Calata in an interview.

He also expressed his support for planned reforms in the capital market. He says that reforms are needed in order to protect the reputation of companies listing in the stock exchange and to encourage more entrants into the capital market.

SEC is now in a perfect position to put more reforms in place based on the lessons from the experience of Calata Corp.
- Added Calata.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calata: Solution for Incompatible Farm Inputs

Being known as an agriculture-dependent country, it is important for the Philippines to take care of its environment in order to produce abundant harvests. However, recently, there had been findings that there are uses of incompatible farm inputs, including fertilizers, which threaten to cause irreparable damages to the soil. This also leads to bigger expenses and reduction of harvest for farmers. This can be very crucial since more than a half of the total of poor Filipinos depend on agriculture in order to be able to put food on their plates.

Luckily, Joseph Calata, the 31-year-old CEO of Calata Corporation, thought of a solution in order to avoid mistakes such as adding farm inputs that don’t go well with specific soil on farms. He plans to put soil testing facilities in all of his stores. These facilities will help farmers choose which fertilizers are compatible with their farms and prevent them from buying ones that will harm the environment.

Joseph Calata
The use of the facility will be for free.
- Calata pointed out.

This announcement would obviously bring good news to farmers as the facilities would really be money savers for them since it would teach them how to use their inputs wisely for free hence would help in terms of productivity.

This may be the first time that farmers are exposed to such a technology which can connote that Calata is trying to bring new technology to old school businesses, specifically in the agriculture industries. This truly shows an act of leadership in his chosen field on the part of the young tycoon.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vote Lito Atienza: These Are The Things He Will Do If He Wins

Former Manila mayor Lito Atienza is looking for another three-year mandate as city mayor of the nation's capital as part of his efforts in continuing his commitment in serving his beloved city and the Manilenos.Atienza, one of the most admired leaders of the city plans to continue his flagship programs and priority projects which he was able to successfully launch during his term.If all things turn out well and if the majority of the Manilenos are wise enough to Vote Lito Atienza, the former mayor will continue to push for the improvement and efficient delivery of basic social services to the residents of the city. Moreover, Atienza plans on continuing his crusade against poverty and has promised to invest all of his efforts in uplifting and developing the lives of the city's impoverished residents.

If Manila residents would Vote Lito Atienza and would grant him another three-year term, Atienza plans to launch his platform dubbed as "Buhayin Nating Muli Ang Maynila" which is centered on sustaining what he has started during his tenure. In light of this, Atienza has penciled a number of programs and priority projects, all of which are designed to meet all the basic social needs of the city and its residents.Atienza will continue his livelihood programs and efficient delivery of basic social services which has been very helpful to many of the city's impoverished residents during his tenure as city mayor.

To fulfill his vision of uplifting the lives of the city's poorest residents, Atienza plans to launch programs that would stimulate the city's once-vibrant economy. Atienza plans to attract investors into the city by enhancing the city's infrastructure and peace and order situation.In this way, economic activity in the city will be put back into life, which can result into job creation for the city's unemployed residents. Livelihood programs and skills trainings will also be continued to serve the city's unemployed and out of school youth to provide them with a decent livelihood and source of income. Moreover, Atienza also plans on creating employment opportunities for the city's senior citizens who would still want to work.

Apart from creating jobs and employment opportunities, Atienza plans to continue addressing the needs of the residents by including almost all social aspects in his platform. Atienza will launch and continue programs and projects that will include a wide array of social areas including programs for housing, healthcare, peace and order, education, sports, culture and arts, nature and environment and welfare of senior citizens. If the Manilenos will Vote Lito Atienza, the benefits and the services they were able to enjoy during Atienza's tenure will be continued and sustained for good.

If given another three-year mandate as city mayor, Atienza will continue to build affordable housing programs and land acquisition programs both for the homeless impoverished residents and even to the middle class. As part of his efforts in improving the city's healthcare services, Atienza plans to enrich the coffers of the city's public hospitals and health centers. This will allow hospitals to acquire modern medical equipment and medicines to be able to provide the Manilenos with quality healthcare and free medicines.Healthcare services will be delivered to every barangay via the "Sama sa Masa", a priority project of Atienza where in doctors conduct free medicines and checkups to every barangay of the city. Atienza will also continue to provide free education and school supplies to the city's public school students. In addition, as part of his efforts in providing quality and affordable college education, Manila's colleges and universities will also be enhanced. Livelihood programs and skills trainings like vocational courses will also be offered to Manila's unemployed and out of school youth.

Atienza plans on extending support to Manila's budding athletes and talents through the promotion of sports-culminating activities and free training and development programs.The city's peace and order situation will also be improved and perpetrators of crime and big time drug or crime syndicates will be put into justice. As a former environment czar, Atienza will continue to push for the removal of the oil depot in Pandacan, which he deem as a serious environmental and safety threat to the people residing in the area. Furthermore, Atienza is planning to move forward with his beautification projects to put Manila back into the tourists' maps and top destinations in the country.Atienza plans to continue transforming and beautifying the city's old and deteriorating parks and tourist attractions, just like what he did in Manila's bay area or commonly known as the baywalk.

Former Manila mayor Lito Atienza is seeking another three year mandate to continue his commitment in uplifting the lives of the city's impoverished residents. If Manila residents Vote Lito Atienza, he will continue improve the local government's delivery of basic services and creating livelihood and employment opportunities which he views as the solutions to the poverty incidence in the city. Atienza has vowed to continue his beautification projects just like what he did in he now infamous baywalk

-Francis Go

Lito Atienza: The Best Mayor Manila Has Had

Actions echoes louder than words. In the case of former Manila mayor Lito Atienza he had both. One of the most admired leaders of the nation's capital, the former mayor succeeded in backing up his strong words with actions. Staying true to his words and fulfilling his promise of providing his beloved Manilenos with a city that they can truly call their own and which they will care for, Lito Atienza has done more things than any of his immediate predecessors.

One of the most accomplished mayors in Manila's rich political history, Lito Atienza's profile as city mayor is decorated with numerous completed projects and other countless achievements no other city mayor of Manila has accomplished. No one has to go that far in evaluating Atienza's performance as the city mayor of Manila for an unprecedented three consecutive three-year term, we just have to look back at how Manila looked and the living of conditions its residents were three years ago. The Atienza administration is characterized by the radical transformation in the city's economy, tourism, peace and order and education. Moreover, it was during Atienza's stint when thousands of poor families were removed from poverty and benefited from improved living conditions.

Being a real statesman and public servant serving selflessly for the good of many, Atienza provided almost everything what was needed by many of his impoverished city folks. It was also during his tenure that the city's delivery of social services was at its best. Atienza launched pro-poor programs and priority projects which have benefited and improved the lives of thousands of impoverished Manilenos. He was able to address almost all the social needs of his people through the creation of programs for housing, healthcare, peace and order, education, sports, arts and culture, nature and environment and welfare of senior citizens.

Atienza created livelihood programs and employment opportunities for the unemployed by bringing the city's economy back into life. He created training programs and vocational courses intended for the out of school youth and unemployed to provide them with a decent livelihood and a stable source of income. Atienza together with other non-government organizations have provided affordable housing and land acquisition programs for the homeless, which have benefited a lot of the city's poor residents and even the middle class.

The city's healthcare services and public hospitals were also enhanced during his administration. Atienza provided additional funds to the city's public hospitals and health centers which allowed them to purchase new medical equipment and medicines for enhanced healthcare services and to be able to provide free medicines to the city's impoverished residents.Atienza has provided free medical services and medicines to far-flung areas and barangays.

Manila under Atienza's leadership has had the best peace and order situation in many years. In support of Manila's budding athletes and promising talents, Atienza created sports-culminating activities and provided free training and development programs to harness their skills and talents. In addition, Atienza also extended free access to education and school supplies to Manila's public school students.Manila's colleges and universities were also enhanced during his term, as part of his efforts in providing quality and affordable college education to Manilenos. Furthermore, the city's senior residents were also provided with greater benefits under the former mayor's program for the senior citizens which included special services, big discounts and other freebies.

The former environment secretary also batted for the removal of the oil depot in Pandacan which he believes is a serious environmental and safety threat. Manila was also provided with a major facelift as Atienza pushed forward for the beautification and enhancement of the city's old and deteriorating parks and other tourist attractions. One of the most remarkable projects of the former mayor is the improvement of the city's bay area commonly known as the "Baywalk", which has allowed city residents, as well as local and foreign tourists to enjoy alfresco dining and listening to fine music while watching the world-renowned Manila Bay sunset.

Atienza's unsurpassed accomplishments during his term make as the most eligible person to vote for mayor in this coming Manila elections. If he is able to secure another three-year term in this coming Manila elections, Manila along with its residents are set to enjoy another three glorious years under the leadership of Lito Atienza.

The most eligible person to vote for mayor in this coming Manila election, Lito Atienza is one of the most accomplished mayors in Manila's rich political history. The Atienza administration is best described by the dramatic transformation in the city's economy, tourism, peace and order and education. He succeeded in addressing almost all the social needs of his people by creating programs for housing, healthcare, peace and order, education, sports, arts and culture, nature and environment and welfare of senior citizens.

-Jimmy Reyes

Joseph Calata And His Once Family-Run Business

Today, the largest distributor of agricultural chemicals, feeds, fertilizers and other agricultural products of the Philippines is Calata Corporation. The business, which was once mom-andpop run, was taken over by son, Joseph Calata, who revolutionized the business by turning its operations automated. By being able to the much needed computer technology, the distributor reaped in a huge P1.8 billion revenue in 2009 and 2010.

The revenue during this time is nine times more the year Joseph Calata took over management back in 2003 where revenue was seen at P200 million. In the earlier years, the young businessman was a clerk in his parents' company. He was able to maneuver his way in to management by computerizing their systems. By being able to change the management operations and tighten credit and collection, he was able to make greater sales.

The corporation is part of the top one thousand of the country's companies and is part of the fastest networks of distribution in the industry today. The giant corporation, which was formerly known as Planters Choice Agro Products, is now the exclusive distributor of some world renowned chemicals, fertilizers and feeds in the Philippines. The company, which was built and is based in Bulacan, still aims to expand its horizons and open up more opportunities for people across the nation.

Because of a more efficient system as well as better advertising and marketing campaigns, Calata Corporation was able to see better days. This corporation is now the biggest agriculture product distributor in the Philippines today and it is still growing. Starting from a small office staff to now employing over two hundred people, Calata Corporation is definitely a company which is still on the rise. The aim now is to expand and build more stores across the nation.

Not only is he helping the world of agriculture in the Philippines, but Joseph Calata is able to fight the unemployment rates and open up jobs for a great number. This business savvy man is not afraid to get his hands dirty as he will readily visit fields to check up on farmers. He is ready to grow his business in terms of sales and come up with ways to make these more sustainable.

Calata Corporation will definitely see more stores nationwide and cater to more farmers. Wholesome products made by this company are preferred by farmers and breeders across the nation. Besides the sales in agriculture, the young businessman also takes part in growing and feeding which adds to the corporations overall revenue. The projects do not end here for the Calatas as their business is still looking to a much better tomorrow.

The company known as Calata Corporation was once a mom-and-pop business which held a small office staff in Bulacan. After being taken over and revolutionized by son, Joseph Calata, the corporation took a turn for the better and started reaping in revenue and seeing numbers as high as P1.8 billion. Now, the once family-run business is the largest distributor of agricultural products in the Philippines and is still vastly growing today.
-Alison Ward